Porter Square and Mass Ave Clean-Up!

Saturday, Sept 8th , 11:00 am to 3:00 pm, we will be joined by upwards of 30 new Harvard student volunteers (and possibly from Lesley too) to clean up the Square and Mass Ave from St. James Church at Beech Street to Starbucks at Shepard St.

Gravestar is contributing workers and tools, the City will be contributing trash bags and gloves, as well as additional tools. The MBTA  will wash the windows at the T and both the plaza in front of the shopping center and the T plaza will be power washed!

We just need you, PSNA members,  neighbors, St. James Church members and friends, and the business owners in the Square and on Mass Ave South of Porter, to join us for all or part of the time.

Having done this a number of times, we can tell you it is obviously work, but surprisingly fun.  Folks will stop and thank you; Best of all, we will have a better place to live, shop and eat!

Meet at the T-Plaza 

Bring tools if you have them. A child's broom and a child's snow shovel make an excellent way to get under benches, or in corners.  BTW, kids are welcome.  They will think it is fun! Chopsticks, or bamboo skewers make handy instruments to flick cigarette butts out of crevices. (We promise you will want to throttle anyone who pulls out a cigarette in front of you for months!)

See you there!